Smith Construction are renowned for complete design and build services within the sports industry and educational sector. Our sports business covers new build facilities, refurbishment of existing, and specialist ongoing maintenance.

We have an outstanding reputation for providing a diverse range of services to the construction industry. We have in-house resources and skills to undertake site infrastructure, design and build projects and small works.


Smith Construction have extensive experience delivering innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions across a wide range of civil engineering and building projects.
We undertake works both locally and nationally within the private and public sectors, working together with individual clients, main contractors, and local authorities.

Our projects range from under £5,000 to over £5m and include Industrial/commercial property and housing infrastructure, pavilions and changing buildings, spectator terraces, seating stands, hard and soft landscaping and access schemes.

We understand the challenges and complexities of operating in sensitive environments, schools, leisure centres etc. and recognise security, health and safety and timely programming are key to a successful project.
Our company’s aim is to gain long-term relationships and repeat business with our clients through a shared vision, added value and a high level of customer service.

Sports Surfaces

Smith Construction specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of all artificial and natural sports surfaces from feasibility and planning services, construction, surface installation, fencing, floodlighting and external works.

Our team has exceptional knowledge of synthetic sports facility design our quality sports surfaces come from only the worlds’ leading preferred producers. All of our installations are assured to meet the highest standards of Sports Governing Bodies; Sport England, FA, FIFA, RFU, FIH, IAAF, ITF, LTA, ENA and guaranteed for up to 25 years. 

Find out how Smith Advantage Sports Funding can help you plan for the future and benefit your project right away. Please call or email us to discuss the design and construction of your new sports surface facility or refurbishment project.

Natural Grass


Smith Construction have built in excess of 200 3G turf pitches for football and rugby.

Our football turf pitches give outstanding performance for all levels of the game and meet FIFA assurance certification. Our skilled team of 3G installers have over 25 years’ experience of football and rugby turf systems from the worlds leading manufacturers .

We can help you to find the best surface for your full-size pitch, 5-side soccer pitch or MUGA and provide total assurance that the substructure is designed and built to suit the ground conditions.

We would be pleased to discuss your football project, new build facilities or refurbishment projects.


Smith Construction have designed and installed some of the best hockey surfaces in the UK. In our 40 years’ experience of engineering the finest and most durable hockey pitch bases in the country. We have constructed more than 700 certified artificial hockey pitches and MUGAS and gained an enviable reputation for “doing the job the right way”.

Our hockey pitches are designed for optimum performance. A “one-stop” solution for all hockey pitches whether it is a community development or an International competition standard project approved by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

1. Water-based – FIH Global Standard requirements for International competition, top level hockey.
2. Sand-dressed – FIH National Standard requirements for regional and national competitions and club play.
3. Sand-filled – Multi-use games areas for development level hockey play and a number of other compatible sports can be played.

We would be pleased to discuss your new build and refurbishment hockey project.


Smith Construction have constructed twenty-two 400m athletics tracks and built numerous training tracks and field event facilities.

Our company was selected by the London Olympics committee to design and construct the warm up tracks and athletes drop off area at the London 2012 Olympics.

Design expertise gained over 40 years lead us to pioneer the use of ground stabilisation for new athletics track construction to ensure the exacting surface levels continue to stay accurate.

Our tracks meet the precise performance requirements of IAAF, UKA, EA and Sport England whether they are for National or International venues, schools or clubs.

  • Track design
  • Track construction
  • Track resurfacing
  • Track reconstruction
  • LJ, HJ, PV, polymeric facilities
  • Polymeric training areas
  • Specialist Track Cleaning
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Track line marking

We would be pleased to discuss your Polymeric surface projects, whether for new build facilities or refurbishment. We make no charge for a design consultation or an informal enquiry so please get in touch.


We are experts in the design, construction and maintenance of long pile, infilled 3G turf fields for stadia, club, educational and community clients in the UK.

Our 3G rugby surfaces are designed and constructed to give outstanding performance and meet the requirements of World Rugby 22. Our skilled team have over 25 years’ experience of installing football and rugby turf systems.

We offer a wide range of certified and proven 60mm and 65mm turf systems combined with a shockpad, installed on a pitch base designed to provide performance and longevity. Engineered for safety and durability.


Smith Construction design and install outdoor and indoor tennis court surfaces for clubs, schools, colleges, universities, professional tennis centres and private clients.

Selecting the right surface from an extensive range is key. The various surface options offer different playing characteristics and versatility. Our expertise is in designing and constructing the most suitable court for your facility to LTA or ITF performance quality.

  • Porous macadam courts
  • Colour-coated porous macadam courts
  • Acrylic courts
  • Polymeric courts

Our experts can advise on fencing and floodlighting, resurfacing, reconstruction, alterations and upgrades to existing court facilities.


A range of netball surfaces meet the performance requirements of England Netball. Our installation team are experienced in various surfaces for netball and can provide slip resistant solutions to meet the demands of community and club level courts.

Our team design the surface with sustainable drainage to ensure the surface is completely permeable. It is important the surface allows for the correct underfoot traction to support the game throughout the year including the winter season.

  • Porous macadam courts – Class 4
  • Coloured porous macadam courts – Class 4
  • Porous polymeric Courts – Class 3
  • New build courts
  • Court refurbishments
  • Fencing and floodlights
  • Funding advice

Whether the court is a dedicated netball court or a netball court which can be used for other sports such as tennis, we can advise on the best type of surface for your needs.

Multi-Use Games Area (MUGAs)

Smith Construction have designed and installed some of the best artificial MUGA surfaces in the UK. We have an enviable reputation for “doing the job the right way”. 

We have a range of MUGA surfaces with strength and performance characteristics to support a number of games.

We can provide a “one-stop” solution for all types of MUGA surfaces, whether it is a community development project, for a school or sports centre.

Macadam surfaces – Type 1 and Type 2 MUGAS

Surface material: Porous Macadam for Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Mini-tennis etc.

Polymeric surfaces – Type 3 and Type 4 MUGAS

Surface material: Polymeric for Netball, Athletics, Tennis, Basketball, Training and other recreational games.

Artificial grass surfaces – Type 5 MUGAS

Surface material: Sand-dressed synthetic turf and shockpad for various sports including hockey, small-sided soccer, football training, athletics training and other sports.

Surface material: Sand-filled synthetic turf and shockpad for various sports including hockey, small-sided soccer, football training, athletics training and other sports.


Enjoy playing cricket on a surface designed for all-year round use with consistent performance characteristics.

We offer a wide range of high quality surfaces suitable for cricket practice net facilities, recreational cricket pitches and match play wickets at for clubs, schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres, community parks and private clients.

Our specialist teams have been installing non-turf cricket systems throughout the UK for many years. Our range includes woven and tufted non-turf pitch systems, ECB Approved systems, all professionally installed by experienced, skilled fitters.

Smith construction’s porous macadam cricket base design gives improved performance, all-weather playing characteristics and minimal maintenance. Future refurbishment is easy and far less costly than dynamic (stone base) base structures.

Natural Grass Pitches & Play Areas

Our expertise covers design, new build, improvements, renovation and reinstatement of natural grass pitches for football and rugby, amenity areas, grass fields, lawns and nature spaces.

A wealth of experience and knowledge in this area provides practical solutions and innovative ideas for all natural turf and grass. We design and install sustainable drainage schemes and irrigation systems.

  • Site surveys and soil testing
  • Bulk earth modelling
  • Sustainable land drainage design and installation
  • Primary and secondary drainage
  • Fine grading and laser levelling
  • Cultivation and seeding
  • Natural turf renovation
  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Pitch improvement works
  • Natural turf maintenance


Our experienced designers and engineers present innovative, practical design solutions based on ground investigations and site information.

  • CAD (Computer-Aided-Design)
  • Synthetic sports surfaces facility design
  • Disabled access scheme design
  • Retaining structure design
  • Drainage scheme design and calculations
  • Storm water attenuation design

We can realise your vision, creating a design brief for a new sports facility. We create detailed design and construction specifications with proven design calculations and technical plans.

Civil Engineering

Providing a wide range of quality civil engineering solutions, we have a wealth of experience working closely with our clients on a wide range of projects. Utilising the very latest technology and value engineering principles, we understand the importance of delivering a totally dependable service.

We undertake environmental works, roads, drainage, laying foundations and services for commercial buildings and housing estates to creating reinforced concrete dyke crossings and varied retaining structures. We work with national construction companies, local authorities, developers and private clients.

Just some of our design and build capabilities;

  • Roads, driveway and car parks
  • Ground stabilisation and remediation
  • Retaining walls
  • Deep drainage and connections
  • Building foundations/infrastructure
  • Culverts/dyke crossings
  • Slabbed and paved areas
  • In-situ and pre-cast concrete works
  • Environmental schemes
  • Retaining structures
  • DDA schemes/ramps and steps
  • Storm water and attenuation solutions
  • Spectator terracing/hardstanding
  • Foundations and block and beam floors
  • Floor sawing and diamond/core hole drilling
  • Temporary contractor compound set up


We design and construct all types of drainage.  From foul drainage systems and sewer connections to sustainable drainage systems, storm water attenuation and environmental schemes including interceptors for car parks and roads.

We are approved by Anglian Water for highway works and have specialist knowledge in land drain systems for sports, amenity and agriculture.

Ground Stabilisation

Ground stabilisation using lime, or lime and cement will give outstanding results, massively strengthening soils and reducing movement in the ground for many different construction projects.

Smith Construction pioneered the use of lime and cement stabilisation in the UK sports surfacing industry over 15 years ago, to ensure finished surface tolerances could be guaranteed when constructing artificial pitches and athletic tracks on saturated, clay or poor ground.

The outstanding benefits of stabilisation means almost all existing site won materials, clay/crushed aggregates can be recycled as fill rather than removed from site. This reduces waste and importation of other primary materials, saving on time and costs.

Stabilisation alters and improves the characteristics of the soil; moisture content, density, strength (CBR%), permeability, plasticity greatly reducing its shrink/swell properties.

Following stabilisation treatment, a firm working ground platform can be achieved within hours on an otherwise unworkable earth surface, enabling project continuation during wet winter conditions.

In conjunction with dynamic compaction lime and cement stabilisation achieves the optimum ground bearing capacity levels, reducing imported virgin stone quantities and minimising transport requirements.

Consideration of stabilisation during design/early planning stages enables the most advantageous use of the stabilisation process operationally and financially.

We are always pleased to discuss possibilities for your project, whether it’s a temporary haul road or a large area development, so please get in touch for more information.

Dynamic Compaction

Where ground improvement and earth compaction is necessary to improve stability, dynamic compaction strengthens the formation of the ground to increase bearing capacity, prior to construction.

Our civil engineering team provide a complete dynamic compaction and proof rolling service for sites of 2000m2 – 50,000m2 where sports pitches, roads, car parks, houses and industrial or commercial buildings are being constructed.

We operate Bowmag’s polygonal drum rollers which have a wide area contact drum to achieve compaction effects penetrating far deeper; up to a depth of up to 4 metres. The combination of the smooth polygonal drum shape and elevated dynamic vibrations of the control system, provide optimal forces directly in to the ground.
Our machine is equipped with an advanced computer system to continually measure the soil compaction results, stiffness and bearing capacity (Meganewtons per m2) of the area until the required improvements are achieved.

We are able to present data collected to show image mapping proof of maximum ground compaction and uniform CBR’s attained, to counteract soft spots and weak ground.

Deep dynamic compaction can be used alone to great effect, or in conjunction with lime and cement stabilisation.

Gain outstanding benefits of reduced timescales, negate costly unstable material removal, compaction of tipped materials and oversite preparation.

Tarmac Surfacing

Smith Surfacing operate nationally with a fleet of specialist macadam surfacing machinery and transport vehicles. Our works range from constructing and surfacing car parks, roads and pathways, to running tracks, artificial sports pitches and tennis courts.

Our surfacing teams’ expertise and exacting results have been proven on major contracts throughout the UK including athletics tracks at London Olympics and 100’s of other sports surfaces demanding finished tolerances of +/-3mm.

Smith Surfacing offers a unique design and build service for porous macadam driveways, hard-standings, viewing areas, parking bays and walkways.

We supply and install sustainable drainage systems and porous asphalt surfacing to meet SuDS and planning requirements on industrial and commercial sites and residential developments.

Our all-weather car parks and sports surfaces are designed to provide a fast draining solution to avoid puddles, standing water and flooding.

Whether you are constructing new surfaces, extending or resurfacing, we can get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

Plant Hire

We have a diverse and ever expanding fleet of plant and machinery to suit the construction needs of our in-house activities and those of our discerning clients throughout Lincolnshire and the UK.

We have the latest self-drive or operated machines with new technology and laser controlled specifications. Whatever your needs, we carefully and safely transport the machine to your job by skilled and experienced drivers. Often same day or next day delivery is available.

Be assured of reliable, clean, maintained and calibrated machinery, regularly serviced for your comfort and safety to keep your job moving.

Operated plant is driven by our skilled, reliable and qualified operatives who all hold CITB skills accreditation cards.

Plant hire for Construction, Stabilisation, Surfacing, Agricultural, Landscape and DIY.

  • Excavators – Micro to 20t machines
  • Dumpers – High tip, swivel and trucks 1t -9t
  • Rollers – Pedestrian, 80, 120, 12t and 26t machines
  • Forklifts and telehandlers
  • Dozers
  • Macadam pavers
  • Fuel and water bowsers
  • Tractors – mini – 300HP
  • Spreaders – Lime, Sand, Seed, Fertiliser etc.
  • Mowers, Harrows, Rotovators, Scarifyers, Power
  • Rakes, Graders
  • Earth Drills, Sand/Gravel Banders, Verti-drainers,
  • Stone Buriers
  • Trenchers

We are always happy to provide an earthworks package or ground stabilisation package quotation for your next important project.


Smith Maintenance are one of the UK’s top specialist sports surface maintenance providers. We care for artificial pitches, athletic tracks and sports courts throughout the country.

We have a vast range of specialist equipment and an efficient team of knowledgeable surface technicians, trained in all aspects of pitch maintenance.

Smith Maintenance division, originally developed to care for our newly installed sports surfaces, continues to operate its ever growing business from our head office in Lincolnshire. We have developed an outstanding reputation amongst our customers for our excellent level of customer service, with repeat and referral business from our most loyal clients of more than 20 years.

A regular maintenance plan will ensure your surface is always in the best condition and performing to meet the certification requirements of sports governing bodies.

Our specialist care covers urgent repairs, deep cleaning and pitch de-compaction and extends to annual servicing and repairs for floodlighting systems and fencing. Goals, shelters, bins, benches and equipment supplied and maintained.

Let us arrange your next surface condition and lifetime assessment, compaction survey or performance testing by independent laboratory Labosport to get the most from your facility.


Smith Construction have the practical knowledge and technical experience to deal with varied earthwork projects.

Whether you are planning an industrial site, a new school, sports fields, estate roads, environmental works or landscapes, our teams have the skills and resources for taking care of your project.

From topographical surveys, site clearance, soil analysis, cut and fill operations, ground contouring, and ground compaction to slope and bank stabilisation, redirecting utilities, drainage and laser levelling, we deliver a one-stop solution for all earthworks.

Enabling works
Bulk Earthworks
Soil remediation
Retaining walls
Access establishment

Detailed design solutions and sound environmental advice to identify and reduce risk in the ground are all part of our services. We provide our own vast selection of specialist plant and machinery along with a team with every-day practical experience to ensure the cost effective and efficient management to complete the job.


Our construction and landscape team work together on all aspects of hard and soft landscaping schemes for commercial premises, housing estates, schools and private clients.

Hard landscaping
Using our wide ranging skills, we can efficiently deliver an all-round service for major ground features, site clearance, retaining walls, earth modelling, levelling, redirecting of ditches and land drainage.

We can also offer a bespoke service for complex designer schemes which involve specialist macadam surfaces, bound gravel surfacing, raised planting structures, paving, stone setts, concrete surfacing and terracing etc.

  • Artificial grass lawns
  • Acoustic fencing
  • Mesh fencing
  • Footpath and bridge design and installation
  • Tarmac surfacing
  • Street furniture installation
  • Outdoor structure/feature installation
  • Lighting schemes
  • Bollards

Soft Landscaping
We undertake comprehensive schemes for the majority of general landscaping. Our expertise covers vegetation and tree removal, top-soiling, cultivating and seeding, along with planting schemes.

For more information and to discuss how we can develop your outdoor spaces, simply contact us for an informal chat on 01529 461500.